French Braid

Learn How to French Braid Your Hair

The French braid is a hairstyle which is much in demand and if you want to try it out then you have to know how to French braid. It is different from the usual three-strand braid – for a French braid, you need to start by taking small sections of the hair at the crown of the person’s head and as you go down more hair is added to each section which leads to an enticing hairstyle.

You can also try out an inverted French braid, which is also called the Dutch braid. This hairstyle will require braiding by crossing the sections of the hair under each other instead of crossing them over each other. The French braid is a stunning hairstyle that looks gorgeous. You can try your hand at it and with practice you will surely be able to get it right.

Learn How To French Braid Perfectly

First of all, you can put some styling gel, pomade or mousse to hair that is damp and clean and then blow dry the hair to be as smooth as it can get. Get your hair tangle free by combing the hair well and then take a 3 inch long by 1 inch wide hair section just above the forehead and divide the section into three parts. Placing the left section of the hair between the left index finger and thumb, and the right section between the right index finger and thumb, cross the right section over the mid section and then cross the left section. Continue like this with the entire length of hair and each time take a little more of hair while doing so.

You must ensure that each section of the hair has the same tension in the hairstyle and is equally smooth. The tension should be tight, but make sure you do not have it too tight. Follow the aforementioned way to the hairstyle and you will know how to French braid in a correct manner.

The French braid is not as easy as it seems, so you need patience if you have to know how to French braid. Remember when you are doing a French braid, you should not pull the hair too tight as this might result in loss of hair. Learning how to French braid is an art and you will surely look great with a nicely done French braid.

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