How to Kill Bees and Wasps

Generally speaking, you should not kill bees. They are a very important
part of nature. Without bees, many plants would not exist and they are also great at controlling the population
of other insects. However, sometimes bees can destroy parts of your home, and endanger people. The method described
here is generally for carpenter bees, which can cause severe damage by making their nests in the exterior wood
of your home.

1. Spraying individual bees will kill them, but what does that matter when there are thousands more back in the
nest. The best method is to destroy the entire colony.


2. Buy a bag of SEVINĀ® dust. It is sold in most Home and Garden stores. Make sure it is the fine powder and
not granules.

3. Find the entrance to the colony. This will be a hole somewhere in the wood of your house. You will notice the
bees entering and leaving from this hole.

4. Place the SEVIN dust in a pump spray container. The container can be the type used for applying liquid weed
killer. As long as you increase the pressure in the container enough, it will work just great dispensing the dust.
Make sure the nozzle valve is open as much as possible to prevent clogs.

5. At night, and only at night, spray the inside of the bee entrance hole with the SEVIN dust.

6. All the bees are in their home at night and not very active. Once the bees start moving around, they will coat
themselves with the SEVIN dust and spread it all throughout the colony. The entire colony will be wiped out in
about a week. If after a week you still see the bees, repeat this process.

7. This also works for yellow jackets which make their colonies in the ground. Just apply the SEVIN dust in their
entrance holes, at night of course. Be careful with yellow jackets, they will attack if they are threatened. On
the other hand, carpenter bees are not very aggressive.

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