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Learn What It Takes To Get a Six Pack of Abs

In a world where lot depends on the exterior beauty, the desire of knowing how to get a six pack is a top question for many. Everyone wants have a good physique and to know how to get a six pack is very much important for all the guys who want to impress the girls. However, it takes a lot of dedication, will power and patience to get six packs, since you need to have the tenacity to follow a strict regimen. So, all you guys just go for it, since the endurance is worth the effort you put to pursue the love of your life.

But you have to follow a step-by-step method to learn how to get a six pack.

Steps showing you how to get a six pack

Step 1: Start by doing crunches. You have to lie down straight on the floor and then fold you knees as far as possible. You may fold your hands below your head or cross them on the chest, whichever way you feel comfortable. But it is best advisable to cross your hands across your chest, since that will make you feel more comfortable. Now pull up your shoulders above the ground and more close to your chest and do so while exhaling. When you go down you simply inhale.

Step 2: After crunches, it is time for sit ups. Start by lying on the floor with your feet on the ground. Your knees should be up and your fingers should be placed behind your ears and hands crossed over the chest. You may also practice this on an exercise ball.

Step 3: Your next exercise should be leg lifts. For leg lifts you need certain amount of strength in your legs. First rest your legs stretched on the floor and then straighten them at 90 degree angle. Then, you put down this leg and lift the other leg and the process continues spontaneously without touching the floor. For challenges, you may also visit the gym, where you will get much better technique of knowing how to get a six pack.

Step 4: ‘V-ups’ also defines a new style of getting a six pack. For this particular exercise, you lie on the floor with legs stretched up across your ears on the ground. Then, push up your legs above the floor and also your torso. Touch your feet with your hand, but make sure that you do not fold your knees, since that will not get you in the right ‘V’ formation.

Step 5: Your next step towards how to get a six pack should be to train your oblique muscle. This is an important step in how to get a six pack. Initially, you will not feel like working out on your oblique muscle, but later you may feel the urge. You will find these muscles on either side of your stomach. You may also work out on the twisting gym, do sit-ups, side-bends, twisting from side to side and much more.

Apart from the above mentioned few most important exercises, there are certain other exercises that are very much helpful in letting you answer how to get a six pack. Hence, if you have the desire to get your self into the right shape, then six packs is the most apt answer.

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