How To Swim

Learn How to Swim With This Easy Guide

It is often said that swimming and cycling once learnt never forgotten but for that, you need to know how to swim properly. Swimming is one of the all round best activities that can be both recreational as well as useful. Its great for people of all ages and that is why nowadays you will find that most people are queuing up to admit themselves in swimming classes. Swimming is used as a rehabilitation therapy, as water supports your body, works all the major muscle groups, gets your heart pumping, and puts little stress on your knees and joints.

Some basic steps of how to swim

Most of the parents want their baby to learn to swim realizing its usefulness. Swimming is not an uphill task. It is really easy and engaging. Once you get the hang of swimming, you will discover it interesting enough. Do not get frightened or do not worry about drowning, just have confidence. Keep in mind that your body is less dense than water; ultimately, you will float on water. Here’s some handpicked steps helping you to learn how to swim.

As a first step of learning how to swim, you need to get into the water holding the side of the pool. Make sure that your baby can hold the wall at the side of the pool. Allow your head to get under the water but remember how to hold breath.

Secondly, try to grab on to side of the pool and let your legs float out behind you. Start throwing your feet and get a feel of how it is done.

Now proceed to third step, slightly jump off the ground and bring your right arm in front of you. Now cup your hand and push your arm through the water. Repeat the process with your other arm and at the same time kick your feet to help you move forward and faster.

Finally, if your arms get tired or if you get exhausted just do not panic. Let your arms float out to your sides, and let your feet float out in front of you. Flip over onto your back and float.

So, what are you waiting for? If you really want to teach your baby how to swim, just cast a glance at these above-mentioned steps and learn how to swim and enjoy the fun to show off your swimming tricks at the public school and other competitions.

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