How To Potty Train

Learn How to Potty Train your Child

How to potty train is a question that every parent is concerned about while traveling. The first thing that comes to mind is when to start potty training the kids. The small child should be trained to know how to use the toilet, as this is a necessary habit every parent must encourage his or her kids to have.

You have to examine your child closely and realize when is the right time to get your kid trained for using potty. How to potty train is a question that will seem simple after you can see your child stopping an activity suddenly or clutching onto his/her diaper when he/she is about to pee or pass bowel movements. It is common to see these manners in kids between 18 and 24 months. It is a known fact that boys get potty trained after the girls.

Help on how to potty train small kids

You need to ask the kids gently to express their desire to pee or pass bowel movements verbally. Take your child to the potty and make the child sit on the potty and teach them how to get off it later. Relax the kid by talking in a friendly and jovial manner and do not be stern with the child.

You also need to be patient with the child when you teach the little one to pull down the pants and pull them up too while relieving themselves in the toilet. How to potty train kids is a factor that can be thought about if the environment is safe and stable. Try and avoid potty training your kid if you are shifting to a new house, or a sibling is going to be born, or if the child is changing from the crib to the bed, when the child is sick or when traveling.

Do not expect that your child will be able to be potty trained after just once or twice trainings. This field requires patience and know that it will take at least three to six months to get your child potty trained.

The kind of potty that is used for training toddlers

You can have a stand-alone potty, which has a toddler size potty chair with a bowl that can be emptied into the toilet. You can also have a toddler seat that can be conveniently placed over the toilet seat; this will make your child feel more secure and not make the toddler feel scared about falling in. Know how to potty train with the help of this potty.

Select the kind of potty that your child will most readily accept. Then potty train your little one with care and patience. You will find that ‘how to potty train’ kids will no longer be a subject that will seem complex to you.

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