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Tips for How to Get Pregnant

How to get pregnant is a very important question in determining your health and the condition of the baby in the long run. For some, conceiving is the happiest news in the world, but for some the whole phase of pregnancy is a spell of elusiveness and frustration. So, it is inevitable on your part to know how to get pregnant and be acquainted with the different factors, which can affect your fertility and conception.

Steps You Should Follow In Knowing How To Get Pregnant

To get pregnant in a healthy way is to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Lots of healthy foods and exercises count a lot. Stress should be kept under control and a healthy weight is very much necessary. The more you are ill and remain stressed in life, the more it hinders your ovulation. To experience the best way of how to get pregnant, it is important for both the partners to maintain a well balanced diet.

You should also keep a check on the length of menstruation every month. If you are having a healthy initiation of menstruation on every 28 days, then you can assume that your ovulation begins at every 14 days of your first day of menstruation. Even if your menstruation cycle is more than 28 days, but is consistent, then deduct 18 from the total number of days and the remainder you get is that particular day from your first day of menstruation. It’s the perfect time for you to get pregnant. But in case, the cycle is short and irregular, then this is not something that you should follow to know how to get pregnant.

Keep record of your basal temperature. Biologically, your fertility rate is at its highest point during two or three days, before the basal temperature rises. You should keep track of your cervical mucus daily. At the point your menstrual cycle starts, it is tacky, sparse and dense; but gradually when you reach the ovulation time, discharge becomes slippery and plentiful, thus allowing the sperms to reach the eggs very promptly. This is a very easy and helpful way of knowing how to get pregnant. Your next step should be to test your urine with the help of ovulation monitoring kit.

The best advice for you to know how to get pregnant is to sort out the predicted ovulation time and try to get pregnant only at that time. If ovulation is not predicted then try to have intercourse at least two to three times per week. Do not refrain from intercourse, since there is always this lingering fear that the sperm count will get depleted with the more number of intercourses but keep in mind that this enhances the chance of pregnancy, given you have keen interest on conceiving.

Another answer to your question of how to get pregnant is Assisted Reproductive Technology. Last of all, you may use the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to get pregnant. Your chances of pregnancy can be increased with the help of ART. This procedure involves removal of eggs from a woman’s ovaries and then surgically implanting it to another woman’s body.

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