Gain Weight

Learn How to Gain Weight Safely

The question ‘how to gain weight’ is a bit surprising as everyone wants to look slim and trim nowadays. Yes, there are people who crave to put on a good deal of weight. Doctor’s advice might be one of the reasons for it. In fact, it is not good to be skinny because that might lead to complications in future. So it is always better to gain weight if you want to be healthy.

If you want to know how to gain weight, here are some important steps:

Avoid doing the aerobic exercises. Championship Bodybuilding by Chris Aceto is a fine book that you can follow. It will help you to know how to gain weight. Don’t gain weight in fat but gain some muscle pounds, which are much more beneficial. The weight of muscles is always more than fat.

Protein is quite essential for building up strong muscles. You must eat at least one gram of protein for every single kg of your entire body weight. For instance, a 70 kg person must consume about 70g-105g of protein per day. This helps him to add extra weight to his body.

If you are wondering how to gain weight, the best idea would be to have plenty of protein shakes. You can also get protein that is available in powder form. If you have decided to workout daily, you need to have protein shakes that get easily absorbed into the body. Take the help of milk or any fruit of your choice, and mix it. Remember, it is the real food that will help you in your protein intake.

Have lots of water because it is very important for you to gear up your metabolism. It has been observed that inactive people drink about 2% water of their body weight, and active people about 6% water of their body weight. Therefore, if you are thinking how to gain weight, drink lots of water.

If you want to gain muscle weight, then fibers are the best option. You can have crabs and pastas and add extra olive oil. This will help you to have more protein intake in your body.

Take lots of sweet potatoes as it contains starch and this helps you to gain weight.

Apart from following the above steps, you can also take the advice from professional people and doctors to know more on how to gain weight.

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