How to Care for a Sick Child

When a person is feeling under the weather, many times they don’t feel like cooperating.
This especially goes for kids. During these times, your patients are needed to make the child cooperate in order
for them to have a speedy recovery.

1. Give medicine matter-of-factly, as if you would never think the child would not like it.

2. When you give medicine in liquid form, make it a drink your child usually doesn’t have, such
as cranberry juice or lemonade This way they will not detect a funny taste.

3. If the medicine is a crushable tablet, grind it up and put it into some course food such as
chunky applesauce, but only in a small helping in case your child doesn’t eat much.

4. Use a strong lollipop for a tongue depressor.

5. Give toys or games that keep them occupied

6. If your child misses their friends, let them call them on the phone.

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