Learn to Lower your Risk of Cancer

The best cure for cancer is prevention. You can lower your risk of getting cancer by altering
your diet and kicking certain nasty habits. To prevent skin cancer, it’s simply a matter of monitoring your exposure
to the sun. Read on for a number of ways to keep cancer at bay.

1. Eat more high-fiber foods. Fiber hastens the passage of carcinogens through the colon before
they have a chance to take root in the canal wall.

2. Add lots of foods high in vitamin A to your diet. Spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and apricots
are all high in this special cancer-fighting nutrient. Vitamin A is thought to be effective in protecting the lungs,
esophagus and larynx from cancer.

3. Eat plenty of vitamin C-rich foods. Fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, tomatoes,
potatoes, and broccoli are good sources of this warrior against cancers of stomach and esophagus.

4. Eat more cruciferous vegetables These vegetables are members of the cabbage family. They seem
to be beneficial when it comes to battling cancer-causing agents that attack the gastrointestinal and respiratory

5. Cut back on fat. Fat is now thought to be a prime ingredient in the development of certain
cancers, particularly those of the breast, colon, and prostrate. It’s recommended that calories from fat should
not exceed 30 percent of your total daily intake.

6. Watch your weight. A definite correlation exists between obesity and the development of cancers
of the uterus, gallbladder, breast, colon, kidneys and stomach.

7. Avoid cured meats and sausages. This includes luncheon meats, hams, hot dogs, bacon, and salt-cured
fish that have been treated with sodium nitrates.

8. Don`t smoke. 30 percent of all cancer is clearly linked to cigarette smoking. Not only do
you put yourself at risk, you needlessly expose those around you to the hazards of passive smoke.

9. Drink alcohol in moderation. This is especially important if you smoke. The risk of developing
oral cancer and throat cancer increase dramatically when smoking and drinking are combined.

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