Tips for Recognizing, Preventing and Dealing with Job Burnout

Everyone could agree that in today’s hectic lifestyle, it is easy to feel run down and burnt
out. The best thing you can do is to prevent the burnout before it occurs.

1. Learn about burnout and stress. Learn the symptoms and reasons why you feel the need to push.

2. Alternate work and rest.

3. Take breaks during your regular day. Go for lunch away from the office.

4. Eat well and get a good night sleep. You can’t function properly without the right fuel or
if your tired.

5. Give yourself “wandering time,” where you are simply relaxing without any intellectual

6. Identify at least one enjoyable stress-reducing activity such as walking, reading, or fishing,
and make time for it. Especially fishing.

7. Join a support group. You’ll meet people with similar goals and concerns who might help you
solve your own burnout problems.

8. Try to relax. People have to make time in their hectic schedule to take care of themselves.




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