How to Administer First Aid for a Black Eye

A black eye can be worn as a badge of courage or an emblem of foolishness. But no matter
how you got it, they are ugly, painful, and could cause eye damage. If your vision is blurred, you experience pain
in and around the eye, you become light sensitive or you have “floaters” in your field of vision, you
should consult a doctor. Otherwise, follow these tips to hide and heal your black eye.

1. Put a cold compress over the injured area right away.

2. Take an over-the-counter medicine for pain and inflammation, such as Tylenol® (or generic

3. Avoid aspirin. Aspirin prevents blood from clotting, thus making it more difficult to stop
the bleeding, which is what turns your eye black.

4. Take some vitamin C. Studies have shown that it promotes healing, especially for bruises.

5. Later, put a warm compress over the injured area.

6. Seek medical attention if these measures do not help.

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