Dealing with Aggressive Children and Reasons Why Children Act Out

Aggressive behavior in children is always troublesome. Psychologists and experts have worked
for years developing ideas on how to curb this all-too natural instinct. Here are some guidelines.

1. Be careful not to let the child think aggression is acceptable.

2. Do not be aggressive yourself, but rather always maintain your self-control.

3. Do not subtly condone violence by not setting strict enough limits on behavior.

4. Prevent aggressive action before it arises. Then reinforce alternate, positive behavior.

5. Close supervision is paramount. For example, it is far easier to prevent grabbing and to reinforce
sharing than to halt aggressive behavior.

6. Explain to the child in very clear terms that violence WILL NOT be tolerated. Explain to them
that it is painful and wrong.

7. When you see aggressive behavior, intervene immediately. Be consistent.

8. Help a child to understand that there are other outlets other than harmful aggressiveness.

9. It will not be easy, but in the long run, your child and you will reap the results.

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