How to Make Big Money in the Stock Market

There are many people whom are terribly afraid of putting their money into the stock or bond
market, and with good reason. However, they still want to make some cash for the short term. This is not the way
to do it. There is only one way and it is to put your hard earned money in what the pundits call “the long
term.” You ask “What is long term?”, we answer, anywhere between 3 to 10 years or longer, if the
company that you’re investing in is making profits.

1. Blue chips give the safest return for your money. Look at these Stock Clues.

2. Invest in the long term. Pick three or four stocks in “A” rated companies. This
will give you good returns based on past performances, it’s the only way to go!!

3. If you’re a little bit nervous about investing in stocks, try mutual funds. A favorite is Fidelity Investments Co. They are good people to do business with. Visit the
favorite picks article for the long term
(over 5 years) investment.

4. Set your goals. Decide what you want your savings to do for you.

5. Buy the best known companies. Stick with the tried and true.

6. Avoid fads (the most important). Investing in fads is the best and fastest way to lose your

7. Diversify. Spread your risks around into different industries.



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