Help your Money Grow – Tips on How to Grow a Pile of Money.

Unfortunately, money will not grow by itself. You must nurture and care for your money or
else it will just fade away into oblivion.

1. Open an asset money management account instead of a checking account. That way, you’ll earn
interest on money you’ve set aside for bill paying. Many banks offer these accounts with as little as a $1000 deposit.

2. Shop around for the best interest rate and lowest minimum down. Brokerage houses give you
the best rates, but your initial down is usually about $2500.

3. Arrange for direct deposit of your paycheck or Social Security check. The reason is simple,
your money earns interest immediately. Usually even quicker.

4. Establish a passbook savings account for convenience. Only in case you need to access an automatic
teller machine, which is necessary with today’s lifestyle. Use this for quick cash only.

5. Use credit cards with discipline. That means only purchasing items you’ve planned for in your
budget, then paying the entire balance due by the date specified in your statement to avoid stiff finance charges.

6. If you must carry a balance, don’t. The best way to waste money is to pay interest on a dinner
you had two weeks ago.

7. Do not pay charge card annual fees! There are too many companies out there looking to sign
you up as a life long member, although the interest rates are still too high, some banks are currently lowering

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