Get Good Grades

Get Good grades – Easy System for ANY Student to get Straight A’s

You don’t have to be a genius to get good grades in high school or college. Anyone who has the desire,
is willing to work hard, and reads this advice can get better grades. The key is knowing how to study. And don’t
think grades aren’t important. Without good high school grades, you won’t get into the better colleges. Without
good college grades, you won’t get the better jobs. Try getting a job at Merck & Co. without an “A” average. It’s not going to happen.

1. Show up at every class. Poor attendance is a sure way to miss important information. In college,
it’s very easy to not attend classes. Force yourself to never miss a lecture.

2. Have a separate notebook for each class. This will help you stay organized.

3. Take notes carefully. If you misunderstand what’s being reviewed, you’ll end up studying incorrect
facts. If the teacher is going too fast, ask them to repeat themselves and slow down. Don’t be embarrassed or feel
stupid. Guaranteed others in the class are feeling the same way and will be happy someone spoke up.

4. In college, where you buy your books, bring the book to class and keep it open to the current
topic. Use the book as your notebook. Use a highlighter and/or write directly in the book. This will help you focus
on the material.

5. Always ask questions. Teachers are being paid to teach. If they are not explaining topics
clearly, they are not doing their job. Remember, teachers are being paid by you or your family, which makes them
your employee. They are working for you.

6. Try to review and re-write your notes everyday. Often times you are writing notes too quickly
in class to fully understand them. Schedule a couple hours each day to do this and make it as routine as taking
a shower.

7. As you review your notes, have the textbook handy to compare what the teacher was saying with
what is in the book. This should clear up any questionable material. If there are discrepancies, ask the teacher
for clarification.

8. In math and science courses, where material may seem abstract, try to understand the concepts
in your own simpler terms, not just some hard to understand definition. Look at this example.

9. Study with friends. By getting together, you can use each others strengths and weaknesses.

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